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How to form an LLC the right way

Who we are

We started LLC Dojo to help people enjoy the tax benefits and legal protections of using an LLC and to share ideas about business, start-ups and company formation.

My name is Rick Wallace, the founder of LLC Dojo. I am a property investor who has set up LLCs in a range of states.

My goal with LLC Dojo is to share the experience I have obtained in establishing these Limited Liability Companies and help people in a similar position to form an LLC the easy way and save money that they can pour back into their businesses.

Why LLC Dojo?

Two reasons really – most of us have seen Karate Kid and know that a Dojo is the home base of a martial arts school. I am not in to martial arts, but I did live in Japan for four years, but the important thing for me is that a Dojo is a place of learning and a centre for excellence.

Thats what I want LLC Dojo to be in terms of website that provide advice on company formation, LLCs and other business issues.

Our Legal Partner: Kennedy Law

All our content is reviewed by a qualified attorney at our legal partner, Kennedy Law. If you needs are more complex and require legal advice on LLCs, company formation and other areas of corporate law use the button below to get in touch.

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