How to Get a DBA in Arkansas: Register for a Trade Name 2024

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Trade name or DBA registration allows a business in Arkansas to operate under a name that differs from its official legal name (the name that was used when the company was formed).

For example, let’s say you have an LLC called Sally’s Burgers LLC that you use for your burger store, Sally’s Burgers, but you want to rebrand your offering to hotdogs? Well, you can use a DBA to trade as Sally’s Hotdogs without having to set up a new LLC.

Filing for a DBA – or ‘Doing Business As’ – gives small business owners and startups freedom to choose their business name without having the costs and complexity of registering multiple LLCs or corporations.

There are many circumstances in which you might want to use a trade name or DBA is used for branding your business. 

But, please note, a DBA (also known as a fictitious business name or trade name in some states) doesn’t provide legal protection for your personal assets in the way an Limited Liability Company (LLC) does.

How to Get a DBA in Arkansas

Here is our step-by-step guide to getting a DBA in Arkansas.

The process is very easy and is explained in these three steps.

  1. Do a search via the Arkansas Secretary of State’s business entity search website to see if the DBA or trade name/ficticious name you want is available.
  2. Check that your trade name is available as a domain name (optional)
  3. File your DBA/trade name application
  4. Pay the filing fees

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Step 1: Do a Trade Name Search in Arkansas

Your trade name or Arkansas DBA must be unique (ie not taken by someone else) and it must meet the state’s requirements for business names.

Once you have a name in mind, you can use the Arkansas Department of Commerce’s Business Entity Search to see if it is available.

Once you’ve ensured it is not already in use, then need to check that it meets the state’s naming requirements. 

Step 2: Check if your name is available as a web domain

This is a practical step rather than a legal requirement. If you are doing business today it is pretty much certain you will need a website, so it makes sense to check if your name, or a variant of it, is available as a domain for you to put a website on. You can check if your preferred domain is available here:

Chances are the exact match of your domain may not be available, so you might have to get a bit creative. 


  • Try to get the .com version of the domain if you can as .org or .net aren’t as suitable for businesses
  • Don’t just insert a hyphen between words. It doesn’t look professional
  • Sometimes a quirky word (“guru”, “school” or “base”) makes for a good brand/domain. 

Step 3: Register your Arkansas trade name (DBA)

The filing methods differ for sole proprietors and LLCs/Corporations in Arkansas. We’ve summarized the filing process for both groups below.

Sole proprietors

Arkansas requires that all sole proprietors file assumed name registration, or DBA, with the county clerk in which they wish to operate.

Every county differs. You can find the complete county clerk list using the Arkansas State Association of Counties database.

You will need to download and complete the Assumed Name Certificate form.

The DBA filing fee is $25 in Arkansas across all counties.

LLCs and Corporations

While sole proprietors file their DBA with a county clerk, LLCs and corporations set up their DBA with the Secretary of State.

However, an LLC or corporation submits a copy of the Application for Fictitious Name with the County Clerk they wish to operate.

You can file online using Arkansas’s Corporations Online Filing System. Or, you can download the Application for Fictitious Name form and submit it by mail or in person.

The DBA cost for your LLC or corporation in Arkansas is $22.50 to file online and $25 if you file by mail or in person. For all partnerships, the cost is $13.50 online, and $15 if filed by mail or in person.

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After You get a DBA For Your Limited Liability Company or other entity

Once you have your DBA or trade name, your business is almost up and running. Here are a few things to consider as next steps to get fully operational.

  • Create a website for your business: Pretty much all businesses need a website these days and it is often an advantage (although not essential) to have social media pages too
  • Set up a bank account for your business entity: Keeping your own finances separate from your LLC’s finances is important and the only way to do that is by operating a separate bank account for the LLC. We recommend Mercury Bank as a great online banking option, although you can bank with the traditional bricks and mortar banks too.
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