About Us

My name is Rick Wallace.

I am passionate about building businesses and being an entrepreneur.

I started LLC Dojo after forming a number of companies in different states.

I found the process confusing and difficult to understand initially, so I began this site to help educate other people starting their own companies.

LLC Dojo is packed with articles on:

  • What’s involved in forming an LLC
  • How and why to form an LLC
  • Business trade names
  • Register agents
  • Reporting requirements for LLCs
  • Start up tips and advice on branding and more
  • Bootstrapping for start ups

How we create content

All the content on LLC Dojo is either created by me or one of my crack team of writers.

Some of it comes from my direct experiences setting up LLCs and starting businesses.

And all of it is reviewed by a qualified accountant who specialises in LLC formation and compliance to ensure it is quality information that you can rely on.

Info You Can Trust: Reviewed by Our Legal Partner

To ensure we provide accurate information to our audience all of our content is checked and approved by corporate law firm Kennedy Lawyers, who specialise in advising on company formations, LLCs and other areas of corporate laws

Why LLC Dojo?

Two reasons really – most of us have seen Karate Kid and know that a Dojo is the home base of a martial arts school. I am not in to martial arts, but I did live in Japan for four years, but the important thing for me is that a Dojo is a place of learning and a centre for excellence.

Thats what I want LLC Dojo to be in terms of website that provide advice on company formation, LLCs and other business issues.